Thursday, May 28, 2009

Latest CT Scan Results

Hi, All - I flew down to St. Louis on Wednesday with my aunt Sarol for company for my 12-week check up. We got some good news: No new tumors, no growth in the existing tumors, and a one millimeter shrinkage in the largest tumor in my lung. Yea!

The clinicians didn't have much to say about the study, as usual. They reprimanded me for losing 3 pounds in the last 12 weeks, but I'm not about to blow away in a strong wind and I'm just not going to be concerned about it. (If I drop below 150, I might get concerned, but I have a long, long way to go for that!) They did say that I'm tolerating the Sutent better than any of the other Missouri study participants. I know I'm the youngest person in the study in that location and I wonder if that has something to do with it. I have to say I really feel sorry for those who tolerate it less well than I - they must really be miserable.

My main side effects continue to be Hand-Foot Syndrome, anemia, fatigue, and of course the sexy white hair look the drug gives me. Except for the white hair, the side effects weren't too bad this last cycle.

I've chatted with other folks taking Sutent who have used DMSO to help combat some of the Hand-Foot Syndrome effects. If any of you have any experiences with that compound, I'd love to hear about them.

Speaking of Hand-Foot Syndrome, a story about a man who lost his fingerprints to it has been making the rounds. You can read about it here.

We had lunch with Sara's aunt Rosemary, which was fun. I really appreciate seeing a friendly face on these trips and it's good of her to drop what she's doing to meet me.

My next CT scan will be in mid-August and I'll get the results in St. Louis on August 17. I think all four of us might go down and watch the Cards or some other touristy-type stuff. The boys start school on August 19, so that will be our last chance for that kind of thing.

Thanks again for your continuing prayers and support. On to drug cycles 19 and 20!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Siphoning Results

Took my last dose of Cycle 18 of the Sutent last night. I'll start feeling better in a few days, which will be good as I'm singing in a concert on Sunday and I'd like to be up for that.

I'm anemic, etc, as usual, but this time it showed my blood sugar was high. I hope that doesn't continue, diabetes is really not what I want to deal with now.