Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good News!

Hi, All - I went to St. Louis yesterday to see my doctors in the clinical trial I'm taking part in and got some good news:  There are no new tumors and all existing tumors are stable.  The best part is there was some shrinkage in the largest tumor in my lung.  They had some new ideas that might help mitigate some of theside effects of the drug, which I have to admit hit me pretty hard this last cycle.

I was all excited because I'd been seeing dark whiskers in my beard and mustache the last couple weeks, but they said that probably wouldn't continue while I'm on the drug.  Oh, well, men with white beards and hair are distinguished and universally revered for their wisdom and sex appeal, aren't they?  {I wish!  }

I'll continue with the cycle of 4 weeks on the drug and 2 weeks off, then back to St. Louis for a check-up and to get the next cycle of drugs.

I haven't checked email for a few days and see there are quite a few from some of you.  I'll try to get back to those of you I owe a reply to in the next couple days.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.


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