Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hi, All - I went down to St. Louis yesterday for my 6-weekly checkup with the Sutent clinical trial and got some good news.   My CAT scan last week shows no new tumors and the existing tumors show no new growth.  I started on my 7th course of the drug yesterday and they have some new ideas to try with the side effects.
I found out a little more about the study as a whole.  There are only 50 of us in it nationwide.  (I had thought there were 50 of us in the St. Louis location.)  I'm one of the few men and I'm the youngest person in the study.  Most of us have shown good results.
The researchers are preparing a paper on the current phase of the study.  It will probably be presented this summer.  If it's accepted, the study may go into new larger phase.  I have hopes if this happens that my oncologist in Lincoln might be able to be part of it, or failing that, maybe a practice in Omaha will take part.
Thanks for your continuing prayers and support!

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