Thursday, February 21, 2008

February Clinical Trial Update

Hi, All - I flew down to St. Louis yesterday for my 6-weekly exam.  I decided to try the local train/bus system rather than rent a car.  That went well, but it actually took longer to get from the airport to the hospital than it did to get from Omaha to St. Louis!  Got to have lunch with Sara's Aunt Rosemary, which was fun.  (She always knows the best places.)
I've been coughing up blood for the past few days, so I had to have a chest x-ray when I got down there.  Got the results this morning.  The x-ray showed signs of "mediastinal adenopathy".  This is scary way to say "swollen lymph nodes between one's lung under one's breast bone".  It's only an observed symptom and not a diagnoses.  It could be anything from cancer to AIDS to an infection to benign swollen lymph nodes.  To find out for sure, I'm going to have a complete body CT scan on Monday.  I get to drink a couple bottles of Barium dye for it.  (I hope it tastes better than some people say.)
It's hard not to be concerned about this, but I'm sure everything is fine.  I just had a head/neck/chest CT scan in January and that showed nothing.  My oncologist in St. Louis said it's unlikely there's been an explosively growing new tumor pop in up that time, so I'm betting it's just an infection and I'll get to take some antibiotics. 
I'll let you know the results of this new scan.
Thanks for your continuing prayers and support.

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