Friday, October 31, 2008

October Update

Hi, All;

    I went down to St. Louis for my 6-weekly visit on Wednesday.  There were no scans this time, 

so I'll have to wait until my next visit in December to see if there is any shrinkage or growth 

in the tumors.

     I did get some good news.  I've been going down to St. Louis every six weeks, but after my 

next appointment I'll only have to go down every 12 weeks.  I'll still have a 4 weeks on/ 2 weeks 

off schedule for the Sutent, but they'll give me a 2-cycle supply so I won't have to go down there 

so often.  They're still working on getting my oncologist in Lincoln or someone at the Med Center 

in Omaha approved for the study.  That would be great, but this is sure a big help! 

     The side effects weren't nearly as bad this cycle as the one before, forwhich I'm grateful.  There  

are still some new drugs in the approval pipeline that might help with those, but nothing is out yet.

     Sara and the boys came with me this time and we had a mini-vacation.  We went to the Science Center 

and did some shopping and had some fun in the pool.  We visited my sister Marci in Columbia, MO, and 

got to see her new house.  We also got have dinner with Sara's aunt Rosemary and her cousin Pam.  

They took us to a place called "Sage" across the street from the main Anheuser-Busch brewing plant. The 

food and service were excellent.  

And that's about it.  There will be more to report after my next visit to St. Louis on December 10.

Thanks for your continuing prayers and support.  Hope you all have a great Halloween!


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