Friday, August 21, 2009

Clinical Trial Update - After Cycles 19 and 20

Hi, All -

I flew down to St. Louis with my brother Dave on Monday to get the results of my latest CT scan.

Generally speaking, the results were good. There was some growth (less than 1 centimeter) in one of my smaller tumors, but the large tumor in my lung showed no growth and may have even shrunk a little. (I apparently breathed at the wrong moment and they couldn't get an accurate reading.)

The team in St. Louis are still pleased with the results and I'm classified as "stable". (That only applies to the disease, not emotionally, mentally, or any other way! ) They still say I'm reacting better to the drug than any of their other patients in the ST. Louis study location . That's good to hear, but I still feel really sorry for the patients with worse reactions!

The head of the study presented a preliminary report to a group in Canada earlier this month. It's interesting reading. If you want to look at it, go here.

I'll have my next scan in early November and will go to St. Louis on November 11 to get the results and pick up the next two cycles of Sutent.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. On to Cycles 21 and 22!


P.S. I feel silly even mentioning this, but I have a blog with a collection of articles I find interesting. It's located at

P.P. S. Click here to read an interesting story about Pfizer, the maker of Sutent. It's good to know they're keeping on top of things in Washington!

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