Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hi, Folks - I went down to St. Louis yesterday to get the results of my latest CT scan.  The news was good:  No growth in the existing tumors and no new tumors - yea!

Nothing new on the side effects front, which remain about the same.  I did read an interesting article about a clinical trial using a drug for gout as a treatment for Hand-Foot Syndrome, but unfortunately I'm not eligible.  Still, it's good to know someone is working on the problem.  The condition doesn't get a lot of attention because most people only have to put up with it for a few months.

They did tell me that I don't have to have weekly or bi-weekly blood draws for purposes of the clinical trial anymore, just a draw before ever CT scan.  I'll have to work out what my local oncologist wants in that area, but it'll be good to give the scar tissue in my veins a chance to heal up!

I'll have my next CT scan towards the end of April.  I'll go down to St. Louis to get the resultson April 28.

Thanks for your continuing prayers and support!


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