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Second Thyroid Cancer More Dangerous For Cancer Survivors: Study - The Almagest

Second Thyroid Cancer More Dangerous For Cancer Survivors: Study

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In a new study researchers have found the second thyroid tumor is more dangerous than the first for cancer survivors. Usually it develops after the treatment for another form of the disease and it is suggested screening is required to detect any early sign of it.
Researchers studied American College of Surgeons National Cancer database of more than 41,000 such cases in teens and young adults between 1998 and 2010 in the US. In it 3 percent of the people were earlier treated for another form of cancer.
It is said the secondary thyroid cancers may occur in small and multiple locations, usually less than 1 cm in diameter and not more than 4 cm. The survival rates for both the secondary thyroid groups were 95 percent.
People who get secondary cancer are those who earlier had malignancies at adolescent or young adult like the acute lymphocytic leukemia, central nervous system, and bone and soft tissue sarcomas, which is probably caused due to the chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
Children’s Oncology Group guidelines wrote the routine thyroid ultrasound is not recommended these days.
Melanie Goldfarb and David Freyer wrote on the website of Cancer that the numbers revealed from the study are not insignificant considering one of the most common cancer is the thyroid tumor in adolescents and young adults. It is more among females in fact.
Both the authors are MD and DO of the University of Southern California respectively. They claim the study results may have implications for the screenings in young survivors.

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