Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cediranib Clinical Trial Update

Hi, Everyone - It's been pointed out to me that I haven't sent a clinical trial update for awhile.  It's been about 6 months, so maybe it is time to let you know how things are going.

I just completed Cycle 8 of my new clinical trial using the drug Cediranib.  Like my old clinical trial, Cediranib is an oral drug.  I'm on a 4-week cycle.  Unlike my old trial, there is no break between cycles, so a cycle ends on Day 28 and starts right up the next morning.

As with my old study, my study location is Mercy Hospital in St. Louis.  I fly or drive down every 4 weeks to pick up the next cycle's drug supply.  There's the possibility that I'll be allowed to pick up a 2-cycle supply after a year on the study, which would be nice.  I have a C/T scan every 8 weeks to see how things are going.  This drug is not a cure, but it's hoped is that it will prevent the existing tumors from growing and prevent the emergence of new tumors.  I had a scan last week and got a good report:  No new tumors and no growth in the existing tumors.  My old study kept me going for 7 years and I'm hoping this study will beat that!

The side effects for this drug are similar to my old study but so far have not been as severe.  The main ones for me have been high blood pressure, foggy-headedness, digestive unhappiness, hoarseness, and fatigue.  A couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with a new one:  Type 2 Diabetes.  This is very common on the drug.  I've started pricking my finger for a blood glucose test every morning and am taking an oral drug (Glipizide) to help control it.  The best thing about having diabetes is that now I can lose some weight without the oncologists having a fit!  (It's actually kind of fun watching them try to process it.  Cognitive Dissonance is an amusing thing in an MD.  That's why they're not lawyers, I guess.*;) winking)  

So far, I've been able to fly out of Lincoln to get to St. Louis instead of driving to Omaha and flying out of there.  It's unusual for Lincoln fares to be anywhere close to Omaha's, so I hope it lasts.  The only bad thing about flying out of Lincoln is that the time is St. Louis is so short I don't get to see Sara's family and I really miss that.

Everyone in St. Louis is tense waiting for the Ferguson grand jury to issue it's findings.  When I was down there last week there was a lot of increased security on the train platforms and in the bus transport centers.  One of the med techs I work with lives in Ferguson.  She's scared to go to work in the morning for fear she won't be able to get home in the evening.  Her grandkids are scared to go to school.  From the bus, one can see businesses with boarded up windows and big signs announcing that they're still open.  The hospital has a disaster plan in place and there's extra security there, too.  It feels like a war is about to break out.  I can't imagine what it's like to live with that every day.

The other big mystery in St. Louis is trying to figure out why gas is 60 cents cheaper than in Lincoln.  I suspect that's one mystery that's not going to be solved.

Hope you're all well and a Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanks for your continuing prayers and support!


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